This has been another great weekend at the XDA Portal. XDA Developer
TV Producer Jordan covers all the news you need to know to keep up to
date on mobile phone developments. Jordan mentions the AT&T HTC One X
getting root for 2.20 firmware. Jordan talks about the exciting Big
Android BBQ news, like the articles on the Exploits and
Vulnerabilities session and the article thanking the people who made
the device museum a success.

In CyanogenMod 10 news Jordan mentions the unofficial version for the
Samsung Galaxy R. Also, Jordan talks about the Jelly Bean OTA news for
the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S III. Finally Jordan talks about the
flashing the Razr i with homemade fastboot images. Pull up a chair and
check out this video.

XDA Portal: http://www.xda-developers.com
XDA Forums: http://forum.xda-developers.com
XDA Developer TV: http://www.xda-developers.com/xda-tv/

Links to stories mentioned:
Unofficial CyanogenMod 10 on the Samsung Galaxy
Jelly Bean OTA for the Sprint Galaxy S III
AT&T HTC One X Gets Root for 2.20
Make Flashing Your RAZR i Easier with Homemade Fastboot
Simple Wireless Charging Mod For The Galaxy Note
Exploits and Vulnerabilities Talk at the
Thank You for Making the BABBQ Device Museum a

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